Wednesday, May 11, 2011 By: seasonsofgrowth

Today is Wednesday.

Hello friends.  

My name is Erik. 

Let me tell y'all a little bit about how I came to find myself on a farm in the north western corner of Iowa.  I was born in Wisconsin then moved to Minnesota when I was about 7 and then when I was 21 I moved to Kansas City Missouri to be a part of the International House of Prayer.  So when I left MN I had to leave a pretty secure job that I had held for about a year and a half ish.  It wasn't all that great of a job but it was secure and my manager treated me very well.  I was an assistant manager at a gas station.  It was glamorous.  I moved to KC in April 2010 but I was in an internship for the first 3 months that I lived there and in this internship they gave me food, water, and shelter so I had no need for a job.  It was great but 3 months passed very quickly and I moved into a rental house with some friends.  I enjoyed most of this time.... Most.  I just realized.... "most" is a weird word when it stands alone.  Anyways.  The internship ended in June and savings goes away really fast when you don't have an income and are paying rent and utilities.  So to save money I bought a 25 lb box of rice and had a hunger induced mental breakdown.  This short time of my life was, honestly, a very precious time for me.  I learned a lot about trusting Jesus.  Hunger is NOT the worst thing that could happen to me.  But praise be to God I found a job!  A really good job that I still love and met a lot of people there that I love a lot.  I worked at a Whole Foods Market.  While at this job I met a lady girl named Jordan that soon became one of my favorite people and through her met a lot more people that I love a lot.  Soon Jordan, her sister Chandler, and their roommate Jeska, after many game nights and trips to Latteland and late night Wal Mart runs, adopted me as their brother.  This was a joyous day with much celebration and rejoicing.  Not much changed in my life other than the addition of some awesome people.  Which isn't a bad thing....  Right from the beginning though I could tell that this friendship was going to cause us both to grow.  Which is a very good thing.  Because, I don't know about Jordan but I can always stand to grow a bit. 

 Well we continued on, working at Whole Foods for a few months, always talking about how awesome it would be to have a garden and be able to grow our own food and eat healthy things for real cheap.  Whole Foods is definitely worth the money.....but it's real expensive.  Then one day Jordan was talking about how she was thinking about moving home to plant a garden.  To be honest, I was a little bummed (probably more than a little) that she was going to move away because I tend to be one of those people that is really bad at being a friend and I lost touch really easily.  It's a  pretty big character flaw that I have.  So I was bummed at the thought of my surrogate sister leaving.  But then she asked how I would feel about moving back to IA with her to help her and her mom, Kim, with things around the house and things and stuff.  Another part of the deal was that we would plant an enormous garden.  All I needed to hear was the word garden and I was all in.  Also there is a prayer movement stirring so that's just a bonus.  A month passed and I quit my lovely job with the hope of going back at some point and I picked up my life, which fortunately fit into my Honda Accord and headed to Podunk IA.  And now I'm here.  Writing this blog post.  And enjoying every minute of existing in IA.

More to come.... sooooon,


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watch what you call podunk, brodunk! : )

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