Thursday, May 26, 2011 By: seasonsofgrowth

Trying to organize pictures on Blogspot makes me want to hurt someone.

This is Uncle Randy with his sweet tiller.

This is a demonstration of my proficiency with a hammer and nails

Jordan carefully crafting a door for our chicken coop

Jordan with her fully finished door

Our chicken coop!

Chickens in the "ugly phase"

Ducklings in their stinkin adorable phase

First plant of the season! RASBERRIES!

Workin the soil
Change of plans...


Old plan
Giddy with delight!

First tomato plant in the ground!

Whats done so far

Me with my sweet knife/spade/weeder tool


Chandler Jo said...

why the new location?

seasonsofgrowth said...

well... the ground back there apparently was pretty crappy under the grass... there wasn't hardly any top soil... it must have all washed away. and it was really packed hard from the horses. and also it was going to take a massive amount of time to till in all the grass.... so i reluctantly agreed to a plan B.
-J Rae

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