Monday, May 9, 2011 By: seasonsofgrowth

here... and now what?

Erik and I have made it to Iowa... we were welcomed home by my mom's St. Brenard (Mika), Calico cat and her brand new litter of kittens. They were born this weekend,  so not more than 3 days old... CUTE! Pictures to come soon!

Day one of our adventure is underway. Since we are waiting on my uncle to help us till up the ground, all we can do is sit here.... or find other adventures to keep us occupied in the mean time. for example we might begin to clean out a little pump house shed so we can get some chickens... We are prolly gonna go to Bomgars (local farm store) and see the baby chicks.

I am continuing to be amazed at how different Erik and I are. It is going to be a fabulous summer of learning and growing. I anticipate that I will learn much more than I ever have about how to relate rightly to my brothers through my interactions with Erik. Praise God for giving me a brother like him, a safe friend who will let me mess up a million times and love me all the same.

Keep checking for more updates... and pictures ~J. Rae


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